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What went wrong?

In 2003, the Renault Mégane was voted European Car of the Year and was acclaimed for its use of innovative technologies.
The Mégane proved very popular, being the best selling car in France in that year, and the UK's 4th most popular car in 2005.
Unfortunately, reliability problems began to emerge, and by 2010 it was reported that the Megane II had the highest rate of MOT failures in the UK for cars first taking the test in 2007.
These reliability problems also show up in failures of the electric windows, which can either just stop working, or may open of their own accord, even when the car is parked up.

Identifying the cause

If your windows aren't working correctly, we suggest you first narrow down the cause to either mechanical or electrical, since 95% of electrical type faults can be fixed cheaply and easily by fitting our mini-cube™.
If your window is just dead, all you need to do is turn your ignition on and press the window switch up or down, and listen.
Can you hear any noise?
If you hear nothing (except maybe just a light click from a relay), then there is either no power getting to the window motor, or the motor is faulty - either way, the cause is electrical.
If the window will only operate in little jerks, or it opens of its own accord, again this indicates an electrical problem.
On the other hand, if you hear something when the switch is pressed - typically a humming, whirring, grating or knocking noise - then you will know that your electric motor is getting power to it, and the problem must be mechanical in nature.
We don't currently offer solutions to mechanical problems, but for electrical solutions, see below.

Fixing electrical faults

We say electrical faults, but in fact 95% of electrical problems are resolved simply by replacing the electronic regulator module.
What happens is that moisture gets inside the electronic regulator module (which sits on the electric motor inside the door) and causes it to either fail totally or to operate the window incorrectly.
Sometimes, the failure of the module causes the motor to run permanently until it burns out, but this is comparatively rare, and otherwise the motor itself is reliable.
One other point to check is where the loom plugs into the module.
Sometimes these connections get corroded or worn, and if wiggling the plug enables the window to work, you will know to clean and tighten up its little electrical connectors.
Also inspect the terminals on the module itself. You should see 6 "prongs".
If any is missing, or you see (or smell) any evidence of burning, then the regulator module is, beyond doubt, faulty.
One last suggestion, if you don't even hear a relay click when you operate the switch, is to check your fuse. It's unlikely to have gone faulty unless there has been an electrical fault anyway, but you can check this before doing any other work.

The video above shows how to get to the regulator module, and how to remove and replace it.

You won't be able to obtain a new original replacement Temic regulator module unless you buy a complete "regulator" - i.e. the complete assembly including the motor and the runners and cables at a cost of around £200.
Instead, we offer you the choice of either a refurbished original Temic module, or else our mini-cube™.

The refurbished Temic modules retain all the original special features (ie "one-touch" and "total closure") and are supplied by our associates, QER Ltd.
If you really want to retain these features, this is the choice for you.
The mini-cube is a simplified control, which does away with all the fancy functions, so the window only moves whilst you hold the switch, and if you already have it, you will lose remote rollup ("total closure").
However mini-cubes can be used to replace any Megane or Scenic window, front or rear, and do not need to be initiated on installation.

If you have the megane CC Coupe Cabriolet, we offer an alternative special module that retains all the original features: the cabrio minibox module.

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